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The Great Disappointment and the Birth of Adventism

Date: 2018-05-11 09:14

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Just watch this please. https:///watch?v=rlJH7A5NHT8
I was born into the SDA belief and I recognize that some experiences have been negative. But if you look at the overall outlook and put your biases aside, the SDA has things right. Sure some pastors have made their mistakes because their HUMAN. Humans make mistakes and THEY should be blamed. But not once in my lifetime has a true Adventist ever judged or pushed away a person seeking for God. We are not a cult and if you don 8767 t believe that, that 8767 s fine. I have no hate in my heart. I do NOT hate homosexuals or those who cheat on their spouses. And I 8767 m sorry on behalf of those who have made you feel as though you 8767 re less than human. But that 8767 s not Adventism is truly about. I admit, I am not the most spiritual person in the world and you may just hate me already for being an SDA or part of a 8775 cult 8776 . But I am proud of my beliefs. I believe everything taught by the SDA church. Sure there will always be fanatics who will harass you. But I don 8767 t intent to do that. Either you accept their teachings or you don 8767 t. I 8767 m not here to convert or deconvert anyone from their beliefs. That 8767 s not my place. However, I do believe that it is my place to give you some of the facts and have you look for credible sources who will give you the information without bias. Without saying that ANY religion is a cult or anything negative. I just wish for you to make an educated choice. You should choose for yourself and not let any one person or group convince you to lose your faith by only relaying their experiences. Choose for yourself. I don 8767 t have all the answers but I don 8767 t believe any one person does. Do your research. HOWEVER, if you are in an abusive or terrible situation in which your life is in danger do leave. But please, I beg of you, don 8767 t blame and entire faith based on the shortcomings of a small sect. I know most of you will disagree but I cannot just let people call Adventist naïve and ridiculous because there are many well-educated people who are SDA. We have colleges such as Loma Linda and Andrews University. And if you want to punch me or fight with me, please don 8767 t. I don 8767 t enjoy fighting. I recognize that we have different ideas but I am set in my faith and nothing will sway me. I have looked at other faiths and this, Seventh Day Adventism, was the only one that made sense.
I love all people, honestly. All I can really ask of you is to be at peace with yourself.

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The issue concerning Seventhday adventism is very simple when people start reading there bible better because seventhday adventism is very deceptive when it come,s to learn the bible. Seventh day adventism learn to read the bible by reading Ellen G white her teachings and books from time to time , But a True Christian learns to read the bible by the indwelling of the holyghost and by asking Jesus help to help Christians to understand the bible , because jesus is the word of God.
John 6:6 _ The word what was manifested in the flesh of the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth , John 6:69. Because jesus is the only truth and is the only way to the father , John 69:6
and only by him we will learn the true meaning what the bible has to say 8776 Because Jesus is the word of God and he is the only one whom can teach us his words By the indwelling of the holyghost. This is a major problem in the seventh day adventist church because they learn to read the bible by what ellen g white hath written down in her books as far i know , because its heresy and blasphemy because its not biblical , this shows already that Ellen G white is a false teacher and false prophetess , Because the bible is very clear that it is Jesus whom shall wash away our sins and is the lamb whom shall take away the sins of the world but ellen g white says no , she says satan is the scape goat while i know from a Biblical view point that it is jesus while Ellen G white says no its satan , as well about that sunday church goers wil receive the mark of the beast (Antichrist) according the great controvercy. So in otherwords according to Ellen G white i am Part of the Antichrist and belong to satan and i am a *censored* of satan , Because evry one whom says that the sabbath was only made for the jews is a agent of satan according to Ellen G white , So Yes dear people this lady Ellen G White is a Charlatan a false teacher and false prophetess , For any one whom have,s understanding what the bible says or any one whom is a former seventh day adventist whom compared some of her books with the bible knows indeed that she is and was a charlatan false teacher false prophetess and that seventhday adventism is a Cult. Example she (Ellen) says Jews are no longer the blessed people of God and are no longer the chosen people of God after the cruxifixion of jesus according the great controvercy.
(Emphasis mine) in otherwords the seventh day adventists are now the chosen people of God because they call themselves
(Spiritual Israel) But they dont tell it right in your face
(Seventh day adventist) , Because Jews are part of satan as well this is very clear seen to read according the great Controvercy as well in the
desire of ages , While the bible says otherwise and speaks diffrently about the jews
That they are blessed and chosen and that God love,s them. But Ellen says no they are part of satan , Whom do you going to believe dear seventh day adventist ?. What the bible says or what Ellen G White says , Your choice whom you are going to believe what God says in the bible or what Ellen G White has written down ?
Romans 66:6
Genesis 67:6:8
Genesis 68:67:68
Deuteronomy 7:6:8
Deuteronomy 7:68:65
Jeremiah 87:88:96
Jeremiah 85:67:69
Jeremiah 86:86:89
Hebrews 8:9:65. That is my Question to you as a Sincere Christian whom love,s you , because this person whom have created this website is a former seventh day adventist and he can tell you much and much more then i do as many more people whom are working under this website whom are as well former seventh day adventists or Christians whom know about the books of ellen g White whom have done there research and my recommendation and advice to you , if you have any doubts about adventism or are confused about adventism doctrine , these people here will help you as far as possible as they can Because the seventh day adventism doctrine is not Biblical but a Cult. But my self have never been a seventhday adventist i only have read a *censored* bit of 7 books of ellen g white , the great controvercy and the desire of ages 8776 and it contradicts the bible as well that Ellen G white contradicts her selves


Well Gregory, I 8767 ve been off of this for some time but interesting to see that the discussions continue, some truth mixed with error as usual. I see you are a born and raised SDA, so like most you were indoctrinated, or conditioned, whether you know it or not, to not question authority, not to criticize, and stick with the church no matter what. Has it occurred to you that where there is smoke, there is fire? Why are SO many people saying the things they do about the SDA, Inc. church? I see your a bit more liberal minded, that is nice, a good start. But I come from a non-SDA background, although my G G Grandma joined the church back in the old days, like most of us she was a seeker after spiritual truth. But I have to sympathize with most of the people have 8775 borne testimony 8776 on here, what they are saying is true. I spent many years in ministry, among 8767 st high ups, leading theologians, and in may of our main churches, and a lot of smaller ones too, all across the continent. I have to agree with most of the people on here, and that the church is a cult like organization that uses emotion, hype, and social ostracizing to keep us in line. Sure, there are some who are not into this, but I 8767 m still looking for them far and near. Strange, is it not? Maybe your indulging in some wishful thinking and also about meats, veggies, etc. most SDAs are aggressive meat eating carnivores, fact. Most anywhere if you are found out to be a vegetarian, or worst yet, oh my, a VEGAN, look out. Sure at HQ they talk veg, but don 8767 t don 8767 t do it, most SDA go veg on Sabbath, and back to meat the rest of the week, that helps keep Loma Linda and Cedar Lake in business. I produced the HOPE Channel program YOUR LIFE & HEALTH and was at Loma Linda when top GC leaders condemned vegans for being 8775 divisive 8776 and said it was not important. This was right after the World Veg Congress held there at the university where vegans experts and doctors blasted and took down the non-vegan veg experts from SDAism right in public in debate. It was embarrassing and the leaders were doing damage control to keep the flock in line. I 8767 ve known a lot of people who worked at conference levels who told me how the veg talk you hear from leaders is mostly a lot of bunk. They love meat, it makes them feel powerful, strong, leader quality! While looking for locations to film the shoe [YL& H] in Orlando I found this really cool Italian banquet room at this fancy restaurant. While talking to the owner he told me that the room was all made up and the large table set for a Florida Hospital dinner event and meeting, with lots of meat! He thought this was so interesting and not expected. I was not surprised at all. I am not a judgmental type, but a realist, and most of my friends eat meat, and the Unitarian church I go to, we discuss the subject in a nice, intelligent manner. Actually, its the only church I 8767 ve seen that does not try to by pass the rational mind in their discussions on seeking spiritual truth and meaning. SDA 8767 s original roots are in both Unitarianism and Universalism by the way, for now I 8767 m going back to my family roots in New England where we were Unitarians. Its a good place to start over again with no persecution or limits being placed on my back. They live up to their reputation as a free, liberal religion, and they are congregational, not central authority yes, I 8767 m a film producer, former theologian who worked with the most liberal, free thinking pastor in the denomination, great man and good influence.

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